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Brasserie L’école

Although I had read about Brasserie L’école before moving to Victoria (two years ago!), it wasn’t until last week that I got around to giving it a try. After being mostly disappointed with the state of food culture here, I was hesitant. In fact, two mediocre meals back to back almost made me give up on the idea of going out for a birthday dinner. I’m really glad I decided to visit. I had the duck confit and couldn’t have been happier with the flavour, texture, and the brilliant pairing with red wine-braised lentils. My partner had the weisswurst veal sausage, which was also lovely (although I would say it has little over the duck confit!).

Start with a couple of the stuffed Medjool dates if they are offered–the Roquefort sinks in perfectly between the natural sugar high notes. The soupe à l’oignon gratinée (with bacon and a Gruyère crouton) is worth returning for in and of itself. Plus, just the right kind of service — that sweet spot between present and invisible.

Brasserie L’école: thank you for a perfect birthday dinner!


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